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KICastings offers high quantity investment casting solutions and services. Our in-house services include include ceramic mold making, advanced machining, heat treatment, and casting for multiple materials and project outcomes. We provide dimensional accuracy and precise components based on the specific needs of your project. Our large casting foundry, with unmatched industry experience, and access to advanced equipment give product innovators and project managers the ability to produce high quantity metal parts and components within the size and scope of budgets, timelines, and quality standards. If machining is required, our one-stop shop can deliver surface finishing for complex geometry parts.

Our Investment Casting Services Include:


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Investment Casting Capabilities

  • Materials

    Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper

  • Casting Tolerance

    ISO 2768-mK, VDG P690 D1-D2, ISO8062-3-2007 DCTG4-6, GCTG4-6

  • Casting Roughness

    Ra1.6 – Ra3.2

  • Casting Weight

    0.005kg – 50kg

  • Industries Served
    • Arms Industry
    • Automotive
    • Electrical
    • Hardware
    • Industrial
    • Rail/Train Industry

What is Investment Casting?

The investment casting process is a refined technique for the casting of alloy materials. Mold making, the first step in the process, involves the use of waxes to create patterns that are “invested” with refractory materials. The alloy is then poured into a cavity (mold) in the refractory material in order to produce a duplicate of the pattern as the desired part. This age-old industrial process has the power and reliability to provide tolerances within thousands of an inch.

The modernization of investment casting techniques within foundries has been perfected over decades of modern industrialization. Pricing varies per metal and market prices, but investment casting delivers the best cost-per-part scenario over other options.

investment casting

The Investment Casting Process

At KICastings, our investment casting foundry is capable of producing a wide range of complex and precision shapes. By heating the material above its melting point and pouring it into the mold, it will solidify into the required shape.

  • Pattern produced – An original pattern is made from wax, plastic, 3D printing filament or another material.
  • Mold preparation – A mold is manufactured from aluminum alloy, chosen for its low price, low melting point and lightweight.
  • Wax model and tree assembly – Wax is injected into the alloy mold, with a tree-like structure assembled, dried and sprayed with sand.
  • Sand shell and dewaxing – The mold is repeatedly coated in refractory material, before being heated and dewaxed.
  • Material pouring – The material is poured into the dewaxed sand shell, which is then broken by hand or machine.
  • Machining – The final investment cast part is cut, polished, and machined according to its intended purpose.
  • Testing – The blank parts are tested for defects, and possibly machined further to create the final product.
investment casting

Advantages of Investment Casting

Also known as lost-wax casting, investment casting is widely regarded for its accuracy and integrity. While this process has been around for hundreds of years, technological advancements continue to improve quality outcomes and tolerances. Along with producing accurate parts and components, the advantages of investment casting include versatility is across industries and repeatable across production iterations.

The KICastings Advantage

More than just an investment casting service provider who offers many investment casting advantages, we give our customers a supportive consultation process to find the right casting solutions for projects and initiatives. Rather than using third-party contractors and unreliable outsourcing, we have our own dedicated mold shop and access to the best equipment in the business. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, one-stop casting service, KICastings is the solution for you.

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