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At KICastings, we can produce a range of high-quality alloy steel castings to meet the exact needs of your project. Our on-site infrastructure is flexible and comprehensive, with our team able to deal with small one-off orders, demanding ongoing production schedules, and everything in between. We can produce parts and components with speed and precision while respecting your production deadlines and budget.

alloy steel casting

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Alloy Steel Casting Capabilities


What is Alloy Steel Casting?

Alloy steel investment casting can produce a wide array of complex parts and precision components. By heating the material above its melting point and pouring it into the mold, it will solidify into the required 3D shape. Quality alloy steel casting follows seven steps: Pattern production, mold making and preparation, wax model/tree assembly, sand shell & dewaxing, material pouring, refining, and testing.

alloy steel casting
alloy steel casting

Alloy Steel Casting Uses

Alloy steel castings are used for a number of commercial and industrial applications, often as a high strength alternative to carbon steel. While all steels are alloys, only some are called “alloy steels” due to the addition of other alloying elements. Depending on the intended mechanical properties and project demands, a number of alloys can be added to the carbon to increase the final casting products. Alloy steels are good for wear and corrosion resistance, and projects with high-strength requirements.

Advantages of Alloy Steel Casting with KICastings

At KICastings, our full-service shop and production process offers a one-stop-shop approach. We offer full support services for short term delivery and rapid prototyping.

We have our own dedicated facility (no out-sourcing) and access to the best equipment in the business. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, one-stop mold making or casting service for aerospace engine components, turbine case and disk parts, high-temperature valve bodies, industrial gas turbines, or alloy steel castings for a strong end product, KICastings is ready to be your partner.

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alloy steel casting

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