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From surface treatments and milling procedures through to grinding and turning, precision machining helps to transform your basic investment castings into usable components and valuable parts. At KICastings, we produce final products that meet the exact specifications of your project.

If you demand high-precision parts with industry-leading tolerances, you’ve come to the right place. With extensive on-site infrastructure and a highly experienced team, we can produce parts and components that meet your needs while respecting your production deadlines and budget constraints.

High-quality parts and components typically require additional machining before they can be used for commercial or industrial applications. KICastings understands the intricacies of different industry sectors, giving us a competitive edge toward serving a variety of industries. Our one-stop-shop offers precision machining and multiple treatments in addition to our investment casting services.

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Grinding is often used to improve dimensional accuracy and enhance quality outcomes for precision machining projects. Accurate grinding and reliable product delivery require access to industry-leading grinding machines. At KICasings, we combine advanced computer-control with raw industrial power to provide tolerances within thousands of an inch.

We continue to invest heavily in our infrastructure in order to avoid outsourcing. Not only does this improve quality outcomes, but it also reduces costs and enhances efficiency. Most of our grinding equipment consists of world-leading brands from Japan’s Tsutsumi and Taiwan Keys. In order to ensure consistency and enhance the precision of the grinding process, we operate a constant temperature workshop.

precision machining
precision machining

Surface Treatments

Depending on the material and its application, additional surface treatments can improve durability, longevity, corrosion resistance and other desirable properties. We provide a wide array of customized, consistent and cost-effective treatments based on the specific needs of your project.

Common surface treatments include plating, electrophoresis, electrolytic polishing, powder dusting, phosphating, sandblasting, electroless nickel, anodizing, passivation, stainless steel polishing, titanium nitride and more. We speak with you before, during, and after every project, and apply industry-leading surface treatments that meet your precise needs.

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Milling is often carried out after casting to remove specific materials. Depending on the needs of the project, we have access to multiple milling solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes. We have access to a range of versatile horizontal and vertical milling equipment, which gives us the ability to make precision cuts and shave metal accurately to minimize tolerances and improve quality standards.

At KICastings, we have invested heavily in our own equipment in order to avoid the need for third-party services. We only use the best brands in the business, including Mazak, Okuma, DMB, Brother, Fanuc, Daxie, Hongqing, and Li Chi just to name a few. Individual products include a five-axis vertical machining center and two four-axis horizontal machining centers. In order to deliver the best precision standards, some of our machining centers have been equipped with a fourth shaft.


A number of machining processes are needed to ensure precision outcomes, from basic mechanical processes through to chemical treatments. While it might be one of the simplest forms of precision machining, turning is also one of the most important. Turning uses computer-controlled lathes to rotate materials at high speeds while they are cut.

KICastings has access to a wide range of CNC lathe equipment, including world-leading brands such as Mazak, Okuma, DMG, Oil Machine, Doosan, Daxie and Demaggi. We have the ability to move investment castings along 1-3 dimensions and make precision cuts in all dimensions across a range of diameters and depths.

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