Automotive Parts Die Casting

Precision die casting solutions for the automotive sector

KICastings delivers precision results for the automotive industry. As a trusted partner, we specialize in gravity die casting solutions for vehicle components and parts. We have been operating since 1992 and upgraded our facilities in 2008 to accommodate large and complex automotive projects. Our team has specialized industry knowledge and diverse experience in the transportation and automotive sectors. Along with low-pressure aluminum casting, we specialize in accurate and cost-effective gravity die casting for demanding automotive applications.

Gravity Die Casting Solutions

KICastings offers investment casting solutions for the automotive industry and understands the benefits and advantages of gravity die casting.  We have wide-ranging experience within the industry, including the casting engine parts, transmission parts, suspension parts, and more. Automotive die casting is capable of tight tolerances and smooth surfaces while meeting fast and cost-effective production schedules. From initial mold preparation and manipulation to high-precision machining and testing, our high-pressure die casting services are ideal for the automotive industry.

Meticulous Production and Testing

KICastings provides custom solutions for the automotive sector, including gravity die casting for high-pressure applications. Our process has been designed to minimize production costs and maximize production standards. Gravity die casting begins with the mold, with metal poured and manipulated before being cooled and refined. All of our components go through a meticulous production and testing process to ensure outstanding mechanical properties and structural integrity. At KICastings, we combine experienced people and advanced technology with a proven process that’s been customized for the automotive industry. 

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