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KICastings provides versatile copper and copper-based castings for complex applications. With decades of experience, you can count on our copper casting process and production methods to deliver high-volume components of the highest standards.

Copper alloys are the perfect choice for electrical connectors, heat exchangers, rivets, fasteners, nuts, bolts, and more. Our copper casting methods and casting production processes is backed by 27 years of precision mold-making precision casting services. From aluminum bronze to yellow and red brass or beryllium copper, we have experience with a variety of copper based alloys and large production runs for complex parts. Our metal casting foundry has produced hundreds of thousands of copper castings for industries that rely on parts for accuracy, strength, corrosion resistance, and more.

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Copper Casting Capabilities


What is Copper Casting?

Copper casting works best with investment casting but sand casting and centrifugal casting is also available. The casting option for your project will depend on project volume, corrosion resistance requirements, regulations and specifications, and sizing requirements. We strive to deliver efficient, affordable copper based castings and services for every project.

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Copper Casting Types

There are several copper and copper-based casting materials, including brass, bronze, and beryllium copper. Our large facility is equipped with a wide range of furnaces and equipment, ensuring there’s no cross-contamination. We can pour high conductivity copper to meet your project’s needs.

  • Brass Castings As the most popular copper-based castings, brass is a versatile material with a wide range of possible applications. Also known as red brass or yellow brass, this copper-based alloy is often used in plumbing, door hardware, and the drinking water industry. Brass castings have unique finishing qualities and are often polished to beautiful effect.
  • Bronze Castings This copper-based alloy is commonly seen in small components such as bearings, which have a wide range of applications across the commercial and industrial sectors. While all bronze castings share similar properties, this alloy can be altered through the introduction of lead, aluminum, and tin just to name some elements.
  • Beryllium Copper Castings This advanced and rather exotic copper alloy has a high strength component along with high thermal and electrical conductivity. This material is ideal for anyone who demands complex and high-precision shapes, with its refined appearance only matched by its durability and wear characteristics.

Advantages of Copper Casting with KICastings

At KICastings, we offer a wide variety of casting methods to ensure we meet our client’s standards of affordable and efficient production. For your copper alloy project, we’ll take into account the overall project, budget, and timeline. Along with investing in advanced machinery and infrastructure, we have our own foundry with a solid team of professionals with the skills and experience to do the job properly.

Our entire facility is set up to pour individual projects. The segregation of the brass and aluminum is very important to our team of professionals, eliminating the chance of cross-contamination. We are a trusted provider for many high-value industries, such as automotive, rail, and aviation.

We have experience across numerous industrial and transportation sectors with a long list of satisfied clients. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, one-stop investment casting service, KICastings is ready to be your partner.

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