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At KICastings, we can produce aluminum castings to meet the exact geometric specifications and details of your project. Our on-site infrastructure enables our team able to deliver small one-off orders, demanding ongoing production schedules and everything in between. As a leading aluminum casting company, we can produce parts and components to your exact specifications with heat treatments.

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Aluminum Casting Capabilities


What is Aluminum Casting?

Aluminum investment casting produces a wide array of complex and lightweight components. By heating the material above its melting point and pouring it into the mold, it will solidify into the required 3D shape. First, a pattern is produced for mold preparation, then wax is injected into the mold. Depending on the project type, die casting may be used. If a stronger casting is required, a semi-permanent or permanent mold casting may be used. Next the mold is sanded and de-waxed. Finally, the aluminum casting is polished and tested and machined into a final product. Our investment casting capabilities for aluminum parts are backed by 27 years of experience and a foundry with high-precision mold-making machinery.

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Searching for Aluminum Die Casting for large scale pieces?

Visit our Aluminum Die Casting page.

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Aluminum Casting Use Cases

Aluminum castings are popular in the automotive, aerospace, and machinery industry. They are used for a number of commercial and industrial applications due to their ability to withstand high operating temperatures, thermal conductivity, and full recyclability. Depending on the intended mechanical properties and project demands, aluminum castings are selected for their lightweight and durable features.

Advantages of Aluminum Casting with KICastings

At KICastings, our full-service shop and experience with aluminum casting ensure project success. We offer full support services for aerospace, construction, automotive, transportation, appliances, technology, electrical, and more.

We have our own dedicated facility (no out-sourcing), access to the best equipment in the business, and a top customer service and testing team. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, one-stop mold making or casting service for your aluminum casting project, KICastings is ready to be your partner.

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