Tool Steel Casting

KICastings offers tool steel casting services to the global tool and tool parts market, specializing in tool steel. As the economy recovers from the consequences of COVID-19, more companies are considering components manufactured in casting foundries, especially those that offer U.S.-based customer service and in-house machining capabilities.

Steel Parts Casting

Steel is the most prevalent metal for machine and tool parts, especially in the food & agriculture sector, the transportation industry, and the construction industry. Tool steel are ideal for these applications because steels used for manufacturing of parts differ from other steels by their special performance. According to the Worldsteel Association,  the performance of tool steel “is achieved through applying specific alloy contents and microstructures. This gives them unique properties such as high hardness and resistance to heat, wear and corrosion. This is necessary in order to shape and form often millions of parts for the end products each with the same quality and tolerance.”

Main Benefits of Tool Steel Casting

Tool steel is endlessly recyclable for maximum sustainability. Specific alloy combinations will hold structure against high temperatures. If your project requires a precise and consistent product for use with machinery, tool steel casting will give you high volume runs with maximum accuracy and consistency.

Wear and Abrasion Resistance

Tool steels are harder and designed to last a long time without breaking down. Most tool steels are made from a combination of carbon and alloy steels, providing a true hardness that resists wear and abrasion.

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