Mold Casting

Continuous Casting Process Explained | Types Of Continuous Casting

What Is the Continuous Casting Process?

Continuous casting is a manufacturing process that allows metals and metal alloys to be shaped then solidified without interruption. Metal is poured into a mold and rapidly chilled to ensure a uniform grain structure within the metal. Most often, these…

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Mold Casting

Preventing Investment Casting Defects

Investment casting dates back to the late 1800's, but not all investment cast parts are created equal. Investment casting is a pillar…

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Mold Casting

Casting Production

Casting production explained in five steps

Mass producing metal parts has several process options. While 3D printing is all the rage, high-production runs are better…

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Mold Casting

Is Permanent Mold Casting the Solution To Your Casting Needs?

When determining the best casting method for your project, permanent mold casting should be a consideration. Permanent mold casting is a process for producing a…

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