How Precision Investment Casting Reduces Lead Times and Cuts Costs

Precision investment casting can reduce product lead times by using a casting process that produces a high-quality product that requires less work and machining post casting. Precision investment casting with custom services includes testing – ensuring the final product is tested for defects and machined to perfection if necessary. 

Modern investment casting is a mechanized, industrialized process that is capable of producing precise, accurate units with tight tolerances, thinner walls, and smooth surface finishes—all of which can help to reduce weight, lead times and cost. The investment casting process can also improve the functionality of your part. 

Precision investment casting allows for part redesign, reproduction of complex shapes or conversion to a single piece from expensive multi-piece weldment or fabrication, all of deliver better investment casting cost options and reduces lead time.

Investment Casting Snapshot

Investment casting is a refined technique for the casting of alloy materials. It involves the use of waxes to create patterns that are “invested” with refractory materials, thus the name investment casting. The alloy is then poured into a cavity in the refractory material in order to produce a duplicate of the pattern as the desired part. 

Advantages of Investment Casting

Also known as lost-wax casting, modern investment casting is different because of its accuracy and integrity, creating time savings and reducing delays due to non-compliance with tolerances. While this process has been around for hundreds of years, technological advancements and state of the art machinery continue to improve quality outcomes and tolerances. Along with producing accurate parts and components, investment casting is highly versatile across industries such as aerospace, trucking, automotive and rail—and repeatable across production iterations.

Speed, strength, and accuracy are the hallmarks of the investment casting process, helping to keep 

The Investment Casting Process Reduces Lead Times

Investment casting is capable of producing a wide range of complex and precision shapes. By heating the material above its melting point and pouring it into a ceramic mold (that can produce a much smoother finish which needs less machining) it solidifies into the required shape. Near-net-shape castings require minimal machining, cutting down on lead times. Because investment castings hold tighter tolerances, it reduces the amount of machining required. Also, the investment casting process requires less expensive equipment and is less dangerous for the production team, which allows for costs to remain low.

One-Stop-Shop Precision Machining Makes the Difference

When manufacturers rely on third-party contractors and outsourced help, it can negatively affect deliverables and timelines. That’s why, if you demand high-precision parts with industry-leading tolerances, you want a comp[any with an extensive on-site precision machining infrastructure and a highly experienced team that can produce parts and components that meet your needs while also respecting your production deadlines and budget constraints.

Advantages of KICastings Investment Casting Services

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, one-stop casting service, KICastings is the solution for you. Our sample development times run 2-4 weeks and batch production time ranges from 4-6 weeks. With two 250KG melting furnaces and two 100KG melting furnaces, we can offer flexible delivery for different quantities and sample development. More than just an investment casting service provider, we give our customers a supportive consultation process to find the right casting solutions for projects and initiatives. Rather than using third-party contractors and unreliable outsourcing which can increase lead times, we have our own dedicated mold shop, access to the best equipment in the business, and a variety of precision machining capabilities

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