Casting Transmission Parts

Vehicles manufactured in North America, Europe, and Asia contain engine parts and transmission parts from our casting foundry. We have years of expertise in the market and provide a variety of solutions, including aluminum parts die casting and gravity die casting. Depending on your specific needs, we are glad to make expert recommendations.

Options for Casting Transmission Parts

For auto part casting and automotive die casting solutions, we offer state of the art equipment and industry knowledge and expertise, including:

  • Transmission parts & housing
  • Body assemblies
  • Engine parts, such as cylinder heads and brackets
  • Exhaust systems
  • Electronic parts

Die-cast engine parts are perfect for manufacturers who seek to reduce product weight and cut costs without sacrificing quality, longevity, or performance.

Engine part manufacturers choose die casting for one or more of the following benefits:

  • Reduction in vehicle weight through the use of lightweight aluminum, which can improve fuel efficiency
  • Fully recyclable to ensure less waste and promote sustainability
  • Multiple finishes to fit any specification
  • High volume runs with a precise and consistent product
  • Versatility to manufacture parts with unique geometry, shapes, and sizes

Automotive Parts Die Casting at KICastings

KICastings is known as one of the best automotive casting companies within the global automotive parts market, specializing in aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and other raw material combinations. As the automotive industry recovers from the consequences of COVID-19, more companies are considering components manufactured in the Asia-Pacific Region, especially those that offer U.S.-based customer service and in-house machining capabilities.

Aluminum is the most prevalent metal for creating die-cast vehicle parts. The metal is ideal for this application because it weighs about 1/3 less than steel. Aluminum parts die casting may use the low-pressure die casting method. In this process, the production of the part requires pressure to fill molds with molten aluminum. The consistent, constant force holds the metal in place within the die until solidification. After it solidifies, fabricators remove the pressure and release any liquid still there.

Aluminum die casting through the low-pressure approach is popular for the automotive industry because of the high-quality product. Many automotive manufacturers have overlooked it for anything but smaller runs because it’s more time-intensive. However, we have increased the size of the machines to make them more economical and faster. We’ve now reduced the time of the casting cycle by 50%!

Aluminum low-pressure die casting best complements the production of engine blocks, wheels, and suspension parts.

Alternatively, gravity die casting using aluminum or other alloys has more universal applications for vehicle production.

Gravity Die Casting Engine Parts 

Gravity die casting does not use pressure to create the dies. Instead, it begins with the ladling of molten metal into the molds. Then, gravity works to fill them. No additional agents are necessary for this type of die casting.

It provides many advantages to the automotive industry, including smooth surfaces, excellent accuracy, and fast production timelines. It’s typically more affordable than low-pressure die casting because there are no large machinery requirements and the molds are reusable, decreasing waste.

These permanent molds are the key to consistency and why the process works so well for automobile parts. Most applications are for simple shapes and single-part molds. However, it is also a good fit for more complex parts.

Pressure Die Casting Transmission Parts

Low-pressure die casting is a method of production that uses pressure – rather than gravity – to fill molds with molten metal. High-pressure die casting also uses pressure, but it’s best used for engine parts that require close tolerances. 

Learn More About Casting Automotive Parts

Contact our team of die-cast professionals today to review your specifications and learn more about how we can deliver high-quality, low-cost parts.

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