OKUMA 4 Axis Machining Center

4th Axis Machining

Advanced machining processes enable the accurate and affordable production of precision metal components. 4th axis machining is used in some investment casting services, with custom machining gears added to drive shafts to accommodate larger parts, longer tools, and more accurate production results. This technology is an advanced form of CNC (computer numerical control) machining or milling, with various cutting tools used to progressively remove material in order to produce custom parts. Also known as multi-axis machining, 4th axis machinery is a game-changing technology that offers unprecedented precision and control.

What is 4th axis machining?

CNC milling is the most commonly used machining process across the world. During the CNC milling process, rotary cutters and other tools are used to remove materials from a metal workpiece. Many CNC machines utilize a 3-axis system, which was the industry standard for a long time until the development of advanced 4th axis machining equipment. With 4th axis machining, the workpiece is processed in a similar fashion, with the addition of rotary movement around the X axis.

  • Standard CNC machining tools operate along the XYZ plane, with vertical, horizontal, and depth-based applicate dimensions covered.
  • Advanced 4th axis machining tools are also capable of working along the A axis, which describes rotation around the X or vertical axis.

4th axis machining applications

Adding rotary movement enables the fast and accurate production of multiple components. 4th axis machines have enough power to cut alloy steels, stainless steels, cast iron, and high-nickel alloys, and also have the required speed to work with aluminum alloys. These machines can also work with brass, bronze alloys, carbon steel, and even plastics. 4th axis machining has been successfully used in a number of commercial applications, including electronics, automotive, marine, agricultural, aerospace, manufacturing, defense, medical, telecommunications, and consumer goods among other sectors.

Benefits of multi-axis machining

New multi-axis machining tools offer numerous advantages compared to traditional 3-axis technology. Experienced CNC machining operators utilize this technology to produce high-quality precision milled components through drilling, tapping, counterboring, pocketing, profiling, chamfering, slotting, and thread milling among other processes. When combined with skilled operators and complementary equipment, 4th axis machining enables the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced precision
  • Eliminate multiple setups
  • Shorten cycle times
  • Easily handle multi-sided parts
  • Meet complex production demands

KI Castings machining services

KI Castings offers a wide range of precision machining and casting services, from grinding and turning to surface treatments and milling procedures. We combine extensive on-site infrastructure with a highly skilled and experienced team for the best possible results. Our precision casting foundry offers multiple casting solutions, including stainless steel casting, carbon steel casting, copper casting, alloy steel casting, aluminum casting, mold making, precision machining, and more.

We have access to advanced 4th axis machining equipment to produce highly complex parts and satisfy the needs of demanding projects. Our team makes sure to produce parts and components with complete dimensional accuracy and precise quality control, all while respecting your production deadlines and budget constraints.

We specialize in the transportation industry, including trains, automobiles, water sport components, sports utility equipment and more. We also work with a number of industrial clients in the food production industry, specializing in the production of mixers and complex hardware components. We also serve the gun and tool industry, and offer versatile casting and machining solutions to a diverse client base across the United States.

The KI Castings advantage

At KI Castings, we provide a complete metal casting solution based around precision results, consistent delivery standards, and quality control. Our world-class metal casting foundry has been providing quality casting solutions to over 5,000 customers since 1992. Our vertically integrated service offering includes a range of mold making, investment casting and precision machining solutions. If you need access to advanced 4th axis machinery for a demanding project, please reach out to our support team.