Types of Metrology Equipment for Precision Machining

In the world of casting, measurement and accuracy are everything. This is why we invest so much time, effort, and indeed capital in metrology — the science of measurement — in the metrology equipment that helps us to achieve the most accurate outcomes possible.

Here at KICastings, we take metrology very seriously. We are committed to utilizing only high-precision instruments so that we can get the best results from machining components and other pieces for all of our projects, especially our stainless steel casting projects. All of our metrology equipment is geared towards delivering the expected results time and time again.

Explore the types of metrology equipment in our portfolio gallery. We invest in and upgrade our equipment regularly to go above and beyond. All of these pieces assist us in our quest for precisely machined parts in an efficient, reliable and repeatable manner. Our team uses these pieces of equipment to gather the data and insight needed for CNC machining, which helps us to push our operational efficiency even further and deliver an ever-improving service to our clients.

Height Gauge

Our team gains rapid and high-precision height measurements from the Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gauge with LCD Display.

The Mitutoyo Digimatic instrument offers the following features:

  • Electrostatic capacitance linear encoder, which helps our clients to achieve the same highly precise measurements consistently
  • Statistical process control — or SPC — output, which transmits results directly to Mitutoyo processing units or computers
  • Durable, high-quality construction to ensure that results stay repeatable and reliable
  • Optional accessories available, including the bi-directional touch-signal probe, which measures a range of different metrics such as steps, inside width, and outside width


In order to produce the best results on a regular basis, our team needs to understand the materials we are working with. We achieve high-precision machined parts by gaining insight into the internal structure of constituent components.

The reflectoscope utilizes ultrasound to probe deep into materials and then examines the reflection of ultrasonic pulses. This, in turn, gives our engineers and other professionals an array of information regarding the structure and attributes of the material.

Image Measure Instrument

Our team needs to be able to plot measurements with an almost unprecedented degree of precision. What’s more, we need to be able to translate image specifications and measurements into macro data sets ready for use in real-life industrial applications.

The image measurement instrument enables the team here at KICastings to draw upon unprecedented levels of data. This helps us to develop an even keener understanding of the material we are working with and to gain repeatable measurements, leading to ultra-precise machining results.

Tensile Tester

Tensile strength is a highly important attribute when it comes to machining parts and components. Depending on the industry in which these components will be used, and on their application, these elements may have to withstand huge loads and severe strain. This is why it is crucial that manufacturers and distributors have access to metrology tools that help them reliably assess tensile strength. Our instruments achieve this with ease, providing precise and accurate measurements regarding the strength and integrity of their components and materials.


Our contourgraph equipment enables us to map the surface of the material we are working with and to plan exactly how we will tackle a manufacturing or fabrication project. The instrument is capable of providing readings in immense detail, which is great news for our team and for the clients we serve.

At KICastings, our metrology equipment helps our precision casting team ensure the parts they produce fit and work as intended, helping us produce superior products.